Online Editors

My dad won't let me download any software to the computer so I just found online editors.

Sound: Club Create

+ Easy to use (wanna be GarageBand)
+ Online
+ Save and download music easily
+ A lot of different beats

- Slow (probably due to my internet connection/ computer)
- The sound controls can be a bit confusing if you go to the advanced settings
- There were different music editors for different music genres which was weird in my opinion

Photo: Splashup

+ Slightly similar to Adobe Firework
+ Edit different pictures on the same screen
+ Move the menu boxes around
+ Get pictures from different sources (i.e. Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket)

- I couldn't figure out how to make the layers blend together or change the transparency
- It doesn't undo very far back so I had to start over on one of my photo edits

Video: Loopster

+ Pre-recorded sound tracks you can use for the background
+ Fairly easy drag and dropping system
+ Pre-downloaded videos that you can practice with

- Confusing option menus
- I couldn't figure out how to download my own videos
- Limited transition options

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  1. My dad wouldnt let me download anything either so I had to do the same thing you did