In Class 1/7/13

We started using Prezi, even though I started last class. Prezi presentations are a million times better than slideshows. They are definitely new and entertaining. In my opinion it isn't very hard to use. I do forget sometimes though that the scroll is zoom but other than that it is pretty simple. That is the beauty of technology these days... everything is so simple and self explanatory for the most part. The first Prezi I made on the history of bow ties was good practice with the program but there isn't much information on bow ties. To expand my Prezi skills I decided to make a full on report for my Personal Finance class semi-final. It turned out pretty good although I am not done with it. I spend like 3-4 hours on it though between the creating and research.

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  1. That's pretty awesome that you can use it for your personal finance class!I need to get used to not zooming because I always use the mouse to scroll. I totally agree though, prezi is like 100x beter than regular slideshows.