Word Processing Challenges


(It is purposely blurry)

Before we started the challenges I had previously written a resume but it definitely wasn't as good. In my new resume I learned a few tips and tricks that I didn't know before. For example, I wasn't aware a "good" resume included a picture of oneself. Also, my brother showed me that employers want something new therefore backgrounds are good to use. Another thing I learned was it is important to keep it short and sweet. I put mine on just one page. Organization is also key because no employer wants to search around the page for what they are looking for. Apparently my completeness, visual appeal, organization, and creativity could all use help according to my score. To make it better I would try to fix something in each area by adding more information, color, clearer fonts, and try to make it all around better.


Through this I learned some new things about designing. It is important to keep variety within the pamphlet. With mine I used different shapes and sizes for the pictures. Also, I had a blue and white background which created a canvas for different colors in borders and fonts. In the pamphlet I included pictures, quotes, and some facts about River HomeLink (my pamphlet was on River HomeLink.) To make it better I could have improved on the organization and visual appeal of it. To make it more organized I could have made the columns more visible. By adding more colors and more fonts possibly I could improve on the visual appeal.


I did my report on the history of cellphones. I added graphs, charts, and pictures to make it more interesting. To organize it I added a table of contents for easy accessibility to each portion of the report. Also I had a title page for added organization and visual appeal. Before I wrote this report I didn't know those things should be included so that was new. In all areas I need improvement. Next time I would add more pictures, content, and organize it better so it would be more appealing to the audience.

Business Card:

I learned quite a bit through the business card. For starters, I learned how to change the page size on word; along with that I learned that you can't change the page size on Google Docs. Also, before this I didn't know the dimensions of a business card which are usually 3.5 by 2 inches. Before Mr. A looked at my card I didn't put very much creativity into it, but after I made the background more relatable to my business. From my feedback it is clear that I should have added more creativity as well as complete it more thoroughly. To add creativity I could have made the fonts and colors pop a bit more. If I did that maybe it would look more complete.


My first attempt at an invitation sucked. The background, fonts, colors, front, and inside all clashed and it was terrible. I decided to make it a bit more simple and go for a five year old look. I used my skills in changing the page size to an invitation size, about 4x6 inches.) I was kind of at a loss of direction for this particular artifact so I didn't expect it to get to great of a score. I definitely needed help in all areas. If I were to do it over I would make it not look like a five year old made it. Also make it look more organized and not all over the place.


Although this project took FOREVER I still enjoyed it. I liked researching different elements of fashion. Also it was fun to make pictures, fonts, colors, and themes all work together. I chose to do a fashion magazine because I felt most familiar with those. My magazine lacked creativity, completeness, and visual appeal to my audience. I would try to fix that by adding more elements and pictures I guess. I honestly would need some specific feedback to help me out with what needs to be fixed.


This one was pretty easy. I pretty much just took a template and played around a little bit with it. In this one I did learn something new with pages. I didn't know that there can be different levels that can be edited separately. The concept is sort of difficult to explain but it was actually a helpful tool in completing this task. To reflect on my feed back I could have stepped up the visual appeal, creativity, and completeness a bit. To make these better I would add a wow factor for the visual appeal and creativity, although I am not sure what that wow factor is yet... I'd have to ponder on that. I possibly should have added more months to make it more complete.

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