Character Traits

September: Attentiveness
In Ed Tech I plan to listen and take better notes. By doing that it will help me focus in class and be more alert.

October: Determination
In the month of October I will apply determination by finishing my homework early. Being determined to get homework done early will allow availability to help others in the class which is like a double whammy and apply's to March too.

November: Thoroughness
I will thoroughly do all the assignments. I usually just get them done as fast as I can but in November I will wholeheartedly put more effort into assignments so they are thoroughly done. Also, when I help others I will fully explain what to do instead of me just doing it and the person getting help not knowing what I am doing.

December: Compassion
In December I will be more compassionate in Ed Tech by being more patient with the people I help.When I help them I'll do it with a cheerful spirit and encourage them through the process.
January: Wisdom 
I will learn from others wisdom and they can teach me more about technology. I can also share what wisdom I have about technology with others.

February: Deference
Throughout February I will apply deference to my teacher, classmates, and technology. In class I'll respect my teacher by listening more closely in class. I will respect the students by not talking about non class related things in class so they can focus on their work. Lastly I will apply deference in technology and not write pointless comments or post unimportant things.

March: Availability
During March I am going to make my self more available for helping classmates in class. I will offer up class time so I can help others because I can always finish assignments at home.

April: Thriftiness
I'll be thrifty by wisely spending class time and not wasting it. An effect of that is helping others to be thrifty with their time too by not distracting them with my talking.

May: Persuasiveness
Being persuasive in Ed Tech is important because I can persuade people to do/be more than they ever thought they could be. In turn that teaches me to be a better person too.

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